So today we went for a walk. Guess who came with us?! The dragon!
Sully Dragon
Yep this is Sully Dragon. My Mom's friend is nice enough to let us take her out on walks while she's at work! If you didn't know, Keira has a thing for shepherds, she just really likes them! Sully is one of the only dogs she actually likes so it's lots of fun to take her along ;)

We went for a long walk in the woods, and there also happens to be a dog park along the way. We went across a stream up through paths and around a soccer field, lots of fun!
So as we were walking back a dog came running across our path about 20ft away. It ran right to the dog park door and stopped. Of course Keira started barking and so did Sully, and we stopped. We had no idea what to do. Since Sully doesn't actually belong to us we don't really know if she gets along with dogs, plus we didn't know if this dog was mean or nice. So after waiting about 5 min. to see if there would be an owner to appear, I gave Keira's leash to mom and walked up to where the dog was. Turned out it was a beautiful black/white/gray/tan/merle  long-meduim haired medium sized dog. I thought it was a girl, turned out to be a boy ha, and he was very nice. But when I came up to him he let me pet him, then he noticed our dogs and took off after them. He came right at Sully and they had a bit of a tiny fight, understandably. Luckily Sully was twice his size, plus he was a bit overweight. It was about a 5 second fight with Keira barking behind Mom. I called and whistled and he looked at me and I ran and he came right to chase me and I opened the dog park and finally got him in. He was very friendly, and was looking for water. After I got him in the small dog section, Mom came and let Keira and Sully in the large dog section. They barked a little bit but everybody was fine.
So now we had a maybe stray dog trapped in the park. We waited for about 10-15min. more for an owner and no one showed. I was running around the park with Sully since she was desperately looking for a ball to play with. So we now know she works in distractions :D
Anyway Mom finally left the park to go see if she could find somebody while I stayed, and eventually she did. They came with her and got their dog. They were all confused why w had him in the other pen and they wen ahead and let him in with our which resulted in a tiny fight (between Sully and him, Keira was just circling on the side)! We got him back into the entry with them but they kept like trying to let him in with ours? Like when they fought a little (nothing big of course just a tiff) they didn't do anything! They just stood there while we broke them up, and they kept letting him in while we were trying to leave? We finally got out, but I'm just so confused. They weren't being mean they just didn't understand that we didn't want our dogs to play with him. I mean I guess. I don't know, people are confusing! Like they had no leash or collar on him, and when Mom asked they said 'Oh it's in my pocket' like really? Why didn't you call him back when he got out of your sight? And since you had no collar on him what if there was a big fight, how would we get a hold of your dog?

Anyway it all turned out fine, and honestly I didn't really want an owner to show up :) he was gorgeous! He also was definitely a herding mix! But yeah, people confuse me. All in all a good walk, and we love to see miss Sully, she is a lovely dog!
2/17/2012 09:34:40 am

Sully is adorable! Glad no pups got really hurt. ;)

2/24/2012 05:15:00 am

Thanks! I just love Sully and luckily Keira does too! :D


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