Like most things in my life, I can't keep up with this blog! So here is an overdue update.

So let's start with the last 'run-thrus' we went to. It was the Friday after our trial I believe. Videos for that, like my trial videos, are coming soon! (I hope..) Anyway-
Run-thrus were awesome! As you'll see on video she rear crossed me and went ahead and did the teeter on her own (usually I skip it) and by the time I realized I couldn't catch it. But I was so proud because her tail never went down and she looked fine! The rest of the run was a little slow, I think from shock haha, but I still was very pleased. The second run was good too, I ran past the teeter and let her choose if she wanted it, she creeped up on it and I went back and caught it for her, still pleased though that she got on again! Plus the rest of the run was great again! We did a sort of 'FAST' type run for our third, however Dad didn't tape it. I wish he did though because she had the most beautiful A-Frame I have seen in a while, damn! Oh well though, at least I got to see it :) 

We also had a 'Donna Rohaus Seminar' the following Sunday, which was awesome. I just love Donna, so helpful every time. Plus she remembers all of Keira's issues and deals with them before she messes up sometimes! Plus she takes Silvia classes too, which is an awesome plus! So it's really cool when we can just start talking about miss Silvia and all her methods and things :) But, for the actual training we did with her was great too! It was the second part to her 'Rear Cross Clinic' which we really needed help on. She also introduced me to 'blind crosses' which I had heard of and never used. Guess what? I LOVE them! I am so going to have to use them! Keira was having trouble with the set up and so she told me to practice at home and gave me something else to do, as to not stress little Keira. I love Donna. :)

So then I guess next would be the Kennel Club Banquet? I think so... That was the following Wednesday.
Unfortunately, even though we were getting awards for doing things with our 'dogs' we still couldn't take them to the fancy restaurant we had the banquet at :)
I personally loved the banquet, and not just because I got awards! I love being around my club, even though I didn't get to sit with  my 'regular group' of the club, I still had a good time sitting with some people I hadn't talked to in a while. This was Roger, Susan, Brian, and a very nice lady whose name escapes me every time.. Plus there was me, my father, my mother, and my sister. Anyway, I got a certificate for Keira's CGC, two trophies for her to titles (NJP & NAP), a pin for being one of two of the only Junior Handlers in the club (totally unexpected for me and Chloe), and poop bag party favors! Along with a biscuit for the Keira kin. I had so much fun, Linda said some very nice words about how far Keira and I have come and people were so proud of me. Ah, it was a good feeling.
Please excuse the way I throw around names like you know what I'm talking about, I'm just writing what comes to mind :)

Anyway our Silvia classes are going great as always, Keira is really getting fast and she gets so excited now when I touch her harness (re-strains)! I'm so pleased. We had a good session at the park this morning too, videos soon, hopefully.

Oh, and next week I'm going on vacation for spring break! Yeah! I'm super excited, we're headed to the Bahamas. Only bad part about this is, this means a week without my Keira! But hopefully she'll be alright and forget about me :) Nah, but hopefully she'll relax and enjoy her alone time. Maybe it will make her crave agility for when I come back, because our MKC trial is the week after, oh my!

Here is me at the banquet...
Again at the banquet...
God, could I get any more un-photogenic? Lol :)

Sounds like you guys have been busy busy, having fun!! That's so cool to hear about the seminar, BCs are so much fun! I can't wait to see how you handle Keira with them! Congrats on the awards! GO KEIRA! :D


Thanks so much! A lot of it is thanks to your help! :D


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