This dog. I am so proud of this dog.

As you might of guessed, the trial went great! For Saturday we did a JWW and a FAST, and Sunday a JWW, so three in all. For all three runs her times were in the 20's, NICE. Probably couldn't have asked for a better trial after having not trialed since New Years. We came home with a blue, red, and yellow ribbon, an agility rainbow! This also was her first trial at 16" (as opposed to 12" previously) and amazingly had no hesitations what-so-ever (but we did at 12" sometimes?) very happy about that! Plus there was a double jump near the entry (like you came back around to finish) which made it very possible for her to remember Dad was standing there and leave me like she does sometimes at practice when she's trying to do a problem obstacle, but she did it just fine and never gave any indication of leaving/looking at Dad/hesitating jump/ect., awesome!
The FAST run was awesome, a whopping 21 second run with 51 points. We got second place, even though she was the fastest of her height (and of most of the heights at that) the first place winner got more points. Why "FAST" is judged by points and not *speed* I'll never know, but it didn't matter, Keira was first place to me:)

Videos are coming soon! If you didn't know my computer hates me and won't let me use the -awesome- editing program and -awesome- camera I got for Christmas, so I have to set aside some time (what I really mean is get off my lazy butt) and install everything on Dad's computer and see if that works, then upload the videos to YouTube, then to here, and god that sounds like a lot of work. But then again it is 10 at night and I'm super tired. So...

Anyway I will go into more details about the runs when I get the videos up, so be looking for that. For right now I am SO pleased with her progress and as you could have guessed, I already have a list of things to work on!

Weaves (channel&proofing)
Try the new chute length (AKC)
Rear crosses
'Out' command

So, a lot to work on before the April trial in my hometown, but I think we can do it! ;)

I KNEW you guys would do great! Those are impressive times!!! CONGRATS!! =D


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