So, took Keira to the kennel club last night.

We tried a new RC set up, a low table under the plank, and it worked great! Think we're going to stay with this set up. She had a couple high hits and once came off the board, but she was always in the contact, much better than last time!

So we started off great! Then we tried a two tunnel course to try and get her to run a little, yeah this didn't really help anything. She always trots and kept backing out of the tunnel if I did something weird. I think I need to get her somewhere and just have her run, maybe put an low jump or something, I don't know.. But she doesn't seem to get yet that she is allowed to run! My fault, I know :)

Then we tried a course my friend made, this did not go well. We really need to work on commitment and distance. However we did do some lead-outs! Which we never do, so I'm happy for that!

Things we accomplished-
RC setup works great!
Lead-out IS possible
cik/cap around a pole is going well
Weaves are doing good!

Thing to work on-
Distance skills
Obstacle discrimination
Get farther into cik/cap training
Start proofing weaves

Eh, so okay session, really happy with RCs since those weren't going great!
Good job Keira!

2/17/2012 09:33:53

Glad the RCs are going great! She's looking much better! ;D

2/24/2012 05:14:14

Thanks you very much!


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